Villa in Le Marche to Rent
How to get there:
The easiest and cheapest way to get there is to fly by RyanAir direct to Ancona airport from London Stansted, approximately 2 hours flying time.
It only takes about 45 mins to drive from Ancona
Alternatively, Ryanair also flies to Pescara or Bologna. All of these are about a two hour drive from the Villa. Rome is three hours away by car and most major airlines fly there!
If you are driving West from Civitanova Marche towards Tolentino take the Pollenza turn off the superstrada.
If you go past a beautiful castle on the left of the superstrada you have gone too far! Follow the slip road round until you come to a T junction.
Turn left here, you will see a sign for Rancia. Follow this road for a short distance to the end and you come to another T junction.
Turn right towards Macerata. Now go slowly along here for about half a kilometre and you will see a turning to your left with a signpost for Pollenza.
This is the SP124 - take this. After a few hundred metres you should cross a railway line. Follow this winding country road all the way up the hill into Pollenza and out and down the other side. You are now following directions for Treia.
Keep following these for now and you won’t go wrong. You will go through a tiny village called Molino and then Passo di Treia. Keep going and you will come to a T junction with the SP361.
Turn right towards Macerata and after a very short distance you will see a road on your left with a signpost to Treia 4km and Appignano 11km. Do NOT take this.
Instead carry along the road you are on for about one kilometre. This is a long straight road but go nice and slow. You are nearly there but do not want to miss the small country lane on your left at the end of the long straight bit.
For landmarks you will see an old steam engine quietly rusting beside the road on your left and some shops on your right; one of them is called Vissani Casa. Just before the straight ends and the road bends to the right is your left hand turn. Go down this.
If you pass signs on your left for the Vecchio Grannaio (a lovely local restaurant) you have gone too far. Follow the winding country lane all the way to the end until you come to a T junction. The first house on you right is where Agostino and Fiorella live at 3 Piangiano and they will give you keys.
Their number is 0039 0733 216843. Please note they do not speak English. The first house on your left from this T junction is Villa Tre Sorelle, 1 Piangiano, behind the green iron gates. Use the remote control with the keys to open these.
Welcome and enjoy!

You will find the villa a lot easier and will be able to explore the region a lot better if you buy a map of Le Marche.
Helpful Maps
The Marche Region is about 1/3 of the way down Italy's Adriatic coastline:

Villa Tre Sorelle is very near the village of Treia, North-East of the closest town Macerata:
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